1. Relay | Price Tag

    In response to Elliot’s piece about Benjamins. Much like he said, I think we live in a society obsessive with the cost of things. People pay for a logo, in order to look like they belong to a certain strata of society. Some of these people appear to care for little else. Call me harsh, but the last thing the world needs right now is a generation of human wallets.

  2. Social Engagement | You are the investment

    The brief was to visit a part of town you’ve never been to before, speak to the locals and produce a two-sided A2 poster in a response to your findings. The task then was to take the poster back to the location and record its interaction with the environment. The end product is this publication.

  3. I made a joke about drawing an arse as my response to Elliot’s ‘Arsenal’ relay. I’m a woman of my word.

  4. Where’s the fight in design? | Relay

    My response to Elliot’s Arsenal relay.

    I chose to focus on the language and imagery of fighting and warfare. Sometimes I feel that certain bits of design don’t have a whole lot of ‘fight’ in them. This is, if you like, a call to arms for fellow designers to make things that make the world a better place and to pursue this goal actively, with zest, and use design as a weapon in order to achieve better things.

    I used a typeface also used in the Nike campaigns which usually feature simple yet effective slogans spurring the viewer into activity. Using a minimal colour scheme, I focused on a hue of red as a ‘fighting colour’, the two shapes making up a downward-facing cannon.

  5. Madonna | Relay

    This is my response to Elliot’s newspaper collage piece in which I chose to address the issue of media-worship.

    In modern Western society we are surrounded by the media at all times. Even when we go to bed, smartphones constantly feed us information and when we cannot sleep, we stare into tiny windows that shine back a twisted and messed-up version of reality according to someone (anyone except us).

    My collage piece mimics the Madonna and the sacred heart iconography common to Christian art (as found in the European tradition), as well as using imagery found in magazines and newspapers which alludes to the act of worship or prayer.

  6. Relay | News Of The World Redesign.

    This was done in response to this. In order to include both the issues of privacy and newspaper design, I chose to re-design the front of the no longer published, yet nonetheless infamous NOTW paper. I wanted to contradict its tabloid content with a minimal and more ‘tasteful’ design in order to perhaps poke a little fun at the class structure and class stereotypes which come along with tabloid newspapers.

    Whether I’ve been successful at re-designing a newspaper I’m not sure, but I’ll admit that this has been one of the most challenging things I’ve done, ans I’ve acquired a great deal of respect to the people who design the layouts and pick out the typefaces- it isn’t easy.

  7. How Not to Graphic Design | Relay

    Initially the idea was to use Microsoft Word and cover an A4 page in hideous comic sans wordart in order to illustrate the opposite of Elliot’s carefully laid out latraset relay. My better judgement prevailed, however, in favour of this.

    I laid out some comic sans ‘NO’ in  OpenOffice using their version of wordart, printed it and then scanned it back in whilst moving the page across the glass to create the distortion. The rest was done in Photoshop and InDesign. The poster uses a grid, however the imagery is random in order to reflect the things you should NOT do when practicing good design.

  8. Relay | My face is none of your business

    In response to Elliot’s reaction to the amount of makeup women wear. Personally, I don’t believe that he gets a say in what goes anyone’s face except his own (that’s not meant to be in any way aggressive, if you choose to rock lippie to uni I won’t judge Elliot!).

  9. Relay | Order

    In response to Elliot’s ‘confused’.

    Really wish I could move away from poster format.

  10. Relay | Real Woman

    My response to Elliot’s ‘Real Women Don’t Buffer’ images.

    I don’t believe in the term ‘real women’ as it’s being used today, because all women are real women. Unless they’re imaginary women- like fictional characters. Or mannequins. Fat, thin, curvy, flat, dark, pale, curly, straight haired, mums, bakers, nurses, bikers, actresses, models, lap dancers. You name it- all real.

    Real women also use makeup, which is why the whole ‘real women are natural’ thing really gets to me- what’s meant by ‘natural’ here is actually a fair amount of makeup expertly applied to look like it’s not there.

    This illustration isn’t meant to be expertly done and compiled into an eye-catching piece of graphic design. It’s there to be crude, basic and to the point.

  11. Rest Is For The Wicked | Engage/Enrage brief response.

    Produce a typographic poster using a risograph, place poster in contextually relevant places.

  12. Relay | A guide to looking good naked

    My response to Elliot’s American Beauty poster on looking good naked. I personally don’t believe in beauty ‘ideals’, or that there is a way or an equation to looking good- that there is a certain criteria for beauty. To me, in order to look good naked one simply needs to get naked.

  13. Relay Task
    In response to Elliot’s perfect ten I’ve produced a mock-advertisement dealing with objectification.

    The plan was to produce a ‘catalogue’, but trying to not use images sourced from the internet meant spending a lot of time producing my own, which is why I settled for a single print.

  14. Rest is for the Wicked | Poster

    Printed using the risograph machine on 150gsm lightly pressed cream stock. To complete the brief, the poster will be hung/placed at locations relevant to its meaning.

  15. Relay One- Pass the Asparagus.

    A poster produced in response to another poster by Elliot Harding, based on an argument from the film American Beauty.